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Wood Toy Yoyo Alebrije Mexico Art Oaxaca Master Artist Taller Hernandez Gr

Wood Toy Yoyo Alebrije Mexico Art Oaxaca Master Artist Taller Hernandez Gr

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  • Museum Quality Colorful Alebrije "Toy yoyo" from Mexico.

  • Measurement
  • Wide/Diameter- 3"
  • Tall- 1 1/2

  • This colorful yoyo is spectacular!
  • The yoyo has been hand carved and meticulously hand painted by
  • Laura Hernandez, sister of David Hernandez.
  • David and his family are one of the most important alebrije makers in Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • David and his family alebrijes are found in fine boutiques, galleries, collectors homes in Mexico, the United States and Europe.

  • Please note all the beautiful colors and detailed designs.
  • This yoyo is not signed but it is from the Hernandez family.

  • The wood used is either copal or pine wood.
  • The multi-color yoyo is made of copal wood.

  • Alebrijes (Spanish pronunciation: [aleˈβɾixes]) are brightly colored Oaxacan-Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. The first alebrijes, along with use of the term, originated with Pedro Linares.
  • What are called "alebrijes" in Oaxaca is a marriage of native woodcarving traditions and influence from Pedro Linares' work in Mexico City

  • Traditionally, Alebrijes are carved and painted animal figurines that have become a form of symbolic art from Mexico. The word Alebrije means “imaginary” or “fantasy,” describing a style of animal carvings and other forms with exceptional paint schemes.

  •  This lovely yoyo works but can be displayed due to the beauty of the art.
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