Whispering to the Moon Mexican Mixed/Acrylic Fine Art Painting Hermes Diaz

$ 265
  • Mexican Acrylic Fine Art Painting Signed Décor Hermes Diaz
  • Original Painting from Mexico

  • The painting is on a strong cardstock.
  • Hermes has written on the back of the cardboard:
  • Author: Hermes Diaz.
  • Title: Whispering to the Moon.
  • Technique: Ink and Acrylic.
  • Measurements: 18" x 14" or 45cm x 35cm.
  • 2022 and his signature.
  • I have translated the information from Spanish to English.

  • Hermes Diaz is a young artist who studied fine art at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • His fine art can be found in museums, fine boutiques and collectors homes here in the United States, Mexico and in Europe.
  • His father and mother, who are fine art artists themselves who began teaching Hermes at a young age of 6 years old.

  • This fun and wonderful acrylic painting shows a Girl with Crown and Wings, embracing and whispering to the moon.
  • She is being watched by 5 Ravens with hats.
  • There are ladders, unsupported, climbing to the sky.

  • The details are amazing. Please check out the details.

  • Hermes has signed his painting.
  • The painted is not framed. Add a wonderful frame to make this painting complete.

  • We find and bring you young Master artists and older Master painters from Mexico.

  • The wonderful painting can be hung in any home, as a gift or office.

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