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Macias Family

Tastoan Leather Hanging Mask Collectible Mexico Fine Folk Art Decor Macias Snake

Tastoan Leather Hanging Mask Collectible Mexico Fine Folk Art Decor Macias Snake

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  • Mexican Tastoan Leather Hanging Mask with Yellow Snake

  • Height- 17"
  • Wide- 8 1/4"
  • Deep- 8"
  • Length of horse hair- 36"

  • This amazing mask was made by the award-winning craftsman Ubaldo Macías and his family of Tonalá, Mexico.

  • This incredible ceramic and leather mask was made in the Macias workshop.
  • The mask is quite vicious looking with huge horse teeth, along with a long yellow and red snake crawling on the nose.
  • Beautiful little ceramic flowers were added on the face. The tiny dots represent small pox, which the Spanish brought to the new world.
  • The mask also has scorpions, snakes, frog and spiders.

  • Legion has it that the Tastoanes believed that when their warriors fell in battle, they would come back with these horrific faces, to continue fighting their enemies.

  • On July 25, the festival commemorates a battle between the indigenous warriors of the area and conquistadors. The appearance of the Tastoanes, who represent indigenous warriors, conveys their ferocity through sharp teeth, large noses, and snakes, lizards, scorpions and spiders for decorations.

  • During the celebration, Tastoanes and either three kings wearing ceramic masks or three Aztec priestesses (one representing the Tonaltec queen Tzapotzintli, also known as Tzuapili or Cihualpilli) walk along a parade route and dance to music carrying swords or whips, after which they make defiant speeches and engage in a mock battle (jugada) with a participant carrying a whip who represents St. James.

  • This is a unique and one of a kind a wonderful piece of Mexican folk art.
  • Gorgeous for your home, as a gift for someone special or in an office.

  • We will make sure that the mask is extremely well packed and is insured.
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