Pre-Columbian Sailors Changed World History by Carl Johannessen, Book

$ 12.99
  • Pre-Columbian Sailors Influenced the World is about the spread and diffusion of plants, animals, diseases, and culture across the world's oceans long before Christopher Columbus ever sailed from Europe.
  • For many many years Professor Emeritus Carl L. Johannessen has traveled the world researching how people, plants & animals spread from place to place.  Now he shares what he has found.
  • This book details, in an easy-to-understand fashion, the abundance of evidence available proving that humans from tropical cultures around the world sailed across both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans long before the European Christian Age of Expansion, These earlier sailors brought plants, animals, and some diseases as well as shared cultural traits with other societies they met across the oceans.
  • The evidence shows that mariners sailed from the Americas to China, India, many of the Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Middle East as well as to the Americas from Asia, Africa, India, some of the Pacific Islands and Northern Europe.
  • This book is a must-read if one wants to understand the true spread of civilization and cultural sharing around the tropical and subtropical worlds by non-European, non-White cultures. In this day of rising fear of foreigners it is imperative that we acknowledge and celebrate the contributions to world culture made by the people of the tropics.

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