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Owl Wood Iron Made Decrative Collectable Figurine Natural Materials Solid Mexico

$ 49.99
  • Hand Carved Ironwood Owl From Mexico
  • This hand made owl is about 6 1/4" tall and about 3" wide across the face.
  • It comes from the state of Sonora and has been used by the Seri tribe for hundreds of years.
  • The Mexican government has declared the ironwood tree a protected species.  The tree is a habitat for many species of desert life (plants, birds and animals).
  •  A small amount of the ironwood is still used by artists who work on beautiful works of art. 
  • The wood is hard and heavy and is very hard to work with.
  • In Mexico, the owl is a symbol for attorneys or doctors.
  • This owl will be great for any collector of  ironwood or as a gift for someone special!

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