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New Leather Belt Loop Cell Phone Holder/Pouch/Case Hand Made Mexico F

$ 54.99
       New Leather Belt Loop Cell Phone Holder/Pouch/Case
  • Holds a phone that Measures
  • Tall-6"
  • Wide- 3"
  • Deep- 1/2"

  • Brought to you from the workshop of Leonel Gonzales Albassan from Morelia, Michoacan.

  • Master leather maker, Mr Leonel and his talented staff work in a small workshop.
  • Each piece is hand cut, embossed, dyed and sewn together.

  • Beautiful details in front of holder. The front has a raw leather front, a leather cow, shiny rhinestones, along with a metal oval piece. There is a snap used to close the phone/wallet in place.

  • This piece of fine workmanship can hold a smart phone or a slim wallet.
  • It is made to loop onto the belt. The loop is in the back of the holder.

  • Great for both men and women.

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