Mexican Wood Trinket Box Beautifully Hand Made, Hand Painted, Rustic, Varnished

$ 20.69
  • Wonderful Wood Trinket Box from Mexico Rustic.
  • This lovely hexagon box is handmade by Mexican artisans.
  • The size of the box is 6" wide and 3" tall.
  • The beautiful colors are bright blues and dark blues with touches of colors.  The box has also been varnished.
  • The box is rustic and does show it.  No box is perfect because it's handmade.
  • In this case, the box does not close completely.  This is because the artisan used two small nails to keep the lid down. Part of the rustic charm.
  • The wood is cut by hand and on one of the sides it has been over cut at the edge.
  • None the less, this box is a little treasure for anyone to enjoy a little part of Mexico.

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