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Mexican Wood Art bat Figurine Alebrije Folk Art Oaxaca Collectible Signed Décor

Mexican Wood Art bat Figurine Alebrije Folk Art Oaxaca Collectible Signed Décor

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  • Colorful Alebrije "Owl Figurine" from Mexico.

  • Height- 19"
  • Thick- 3"
  • Wide- 4 1/2"

  • This beautiful Alebrije of an owl was made by Efrain and Silva Fuentes.
  • Efrain and Silva are part of the world renowned Fuentes Family, including Epifanio Fuentes, Zeny Fuentes, Julia Fuentes, Efrain Fuentes and Jose Fuentes.
  • This incredible Alelbrije is from the town of San Martin from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • This amazing piece of art is made to look like a hanging bat.
  • It is made of a solid piece of copal tree.
  • Currently many artists recognize the importance of preserving these trees, and have communal programs in the villages to replant the Copal, since the tree actually takes about 25 years to mature. The Copal tree takes on a cultural and religious significance in the community as well, since the sap of the tree is used for making incense that is often valued for its ceremonial usage.

  • The figures are first carved while the wood is green, and the artist is able to carve out fantastic details since the wood is so soft.
  • The line paintings on the Alelbrije are incredible! The colorful details on each line are amazing. Please take your time looking at each detail.
  • The artisans take weeks and months to finish the paintings.

  • Alebrijes (Spanish pronunciation: [aleˈβɾixes]) are brightly colored Oaxacan-Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. The first Alebrijes, along with use of the term, originated with Pedro Linares.

  • Start your own collection of wonderful folk art Alebrijes from Mexico or give it as a gift to someone special.
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