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Mexican Ceramic Wall Hanging Platter Pottery Handmade Signed Gold Butterflies

$ 289.99
  • Beautiful Mexican Hanging Platter.

  • Diameter- 12 3/4"
  • Deep- 3"

  • The platter was made and is signed by a very talent artisan, Daniel Aguilar Benitez.

  • Burnished in the pottery tradition called Barro bruñido by Daniel Aguilar Benitez. Daniel is a master potter and belongs to an impressive and well respected group of potters who call themselves Millennial Heritage Group.

  • There is a museum on the outskirts of Tonala which is devoted to the conservation and promotion their ancestral tradition Tonaltecan Ceramic craft.
  • The platter is signed by Daniel.

  • This gorgeous hanging platter has many hand painted gold butterflies.
  • Daniel has hand painted each butterfly.
  • Great for any collector or decoration for any home.

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