Mexican Ceramic Bowl Handmade Folk Art Pottery Neftali Ramirez Kitchenware

$ 29.99
  • Mexican Collectible Ceramic Bowl.

  • Diameter- 6"
  • Tall- 2 3/4"

  • This beautiful rustic bowl was hand made/hand painted by Neftali Ayungua Ramirez.
  • Neftali is from Patamban, Mexico, in the state of Michoacan.

  • Neftali is a young man who has mastered the art of making this incredibility detailed bowls.
  • His father is Tata Tila, a Master Artisan from Mexico, who has won many awards and accolades.

  • The body of the bowl has pepetillo, Petatillo is the technique believed to be created by Balbino Lucano. Once the illustration is painted on the piece, the empty space in the background is filled with tightly drawn lines or crosshatching.

  • This adds a beautiful visual texture. This crosshatch is named after the straw mats they resemble - petats.
  • The bowl is rustic. Please see all photos.
  • The bowl can be used as a soup/fruit/salsa etc. bowl.
  • Since these are hand made, there are light differences with the bowls
  • Add to your collection or start a new one!
  • We will be extremely careful when packing your gorgeous bowl.

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