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Linocut Mexican Fine Art Signed Décor 1/10 Authentic Collectible F. Robles #2

$ 59.99
  • Gorgeous "Ninos de Maringura" Linocut.

  • Measurement of linocut
  • Height- 15"
  • Wide- 10"
  • Linocut only- 10" x 6 1/4"
  • The linocut is signed and numbered 1/10.
  • It is unframed.

  • This linocut represents children dancing the traditional dance from San Juan
  • Nuevo, Michoacán, Mexico.

  • Neighborhoods compete against each other to see who can outdo themselves with traditional dances with either ugly or beautiful masks.

  • In this case, children are cataloged in two parts, the same as adults, with ugly or beautiful masks.

  • The children are allowed to dance free style.
  • This is why this linocut is called "Children of Maringura".

  • This beautiful linocut was made by Francisco Robles.
  • Francisco is part of a group of young fine art artists in Morelia, Mexico.
  • Francisco has won awards in Mexico and won awards in Europe.

  • This amazing linocut will look beautiful in any home, office or as a gift for someone special.

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