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Ventura Hernandez Benitez

Ceramic Double Monkey Vessel/Jar Pottery Ventura Mexican Folk Art Décor Whistle

Ceramic Double Monkey Vessel/Jar Pottery Ventura Mexican Folk Art Décor Whistle

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  • Master Potter J. Ventura Hernandez Benitz Ceramic Vessel/Jar

  • Measurements:
  • Height- 9"
  • Width- 6 1/2"
  • Length- 16 1/2"
  • Opening- 2"

  • This beautiful whistle monkey vessel/jar is a wonderful creation of Ventura Hernandez Benitez.
  • Ventura has attached two vessels together with two long handles. The first vessel has a monkey head along with the hand painted body and other lovely designs.
  • The back vessel has gorgeous Pre Hispanic symbols.
  • You can blow on the back handle to make the sound come out from the back of the monkey's head.199.99

  • While both Santa Clara and Cuanajo are located in close proximity to Lake Pátzcuaro, other towns and villages farther away also have their own native crafts. In Zinapécuaro, J. Ventura Hernández Benítez remains solidly committed to his ceramic business as he has been for 40 years.

  • The workshop's rustic brick walls hold up a corrugated metal roof, beneath which his creations seemed to gestate in the heat. Homemade plaster molds and their offspring - pots, vases and pitchers that required weeks of labor - lay about the shop in the hypnotic chaos of a true artisan. Small ceramic pumpkins sat on the concrete floor in front of a shelf loaded with vases covered with images of skeletons dressed in fiesta garb, geometric patterns of terraces and triangles, stylized dogs and monkeys. Pots in subtle shades of dark red ocher, greenish umber and bluish gray sat nearby.

  • This vessel will be a wonderful addition to any home or as a special gift for someone special.
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