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Ceramic Black Jar/Container Mexican Folk Art Pottery Décor Eusebio M. Ortega

$ 97.99
  • Ceramic Black Jar/Container.
  • Measurements
  • Height- 6"
  • Opening- 3"
  • Diameter- 8 1/2"

  • This stunning black jar/container was hand made by Eusebio Mateos Ortega.
  • This gorgeous jar was also incised with beautiful designs.

  • In the 1940's, Jalisco also produced Black Clay Pottery.
  • Rigoberto Mateos Ortega, born In 1942, was an artist in barro negro esgrafiado ( The term comes from the Italian sgraffiare , 'to make incisions or scratch with a special tool called grafio) He then passed his amazing tradition to his family.

  • Today Eusebio Mateos Ortega (52 Years Old) and his brother, Pablo are reviving the Barro Negro tradition. They have brought creativity to unique products including these amazing jars.
  • This jar will look amazing in any home, office or as a special gift for someone special.
  • Eusebio has signed the jar.
  • We will pack and ship the sculpture with extreme care and insure it.

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