Beautiful Mexican Fiber Fan Mexican Folk Art Hand Made Becal Campeche Hand Held

$ 29.99
  • Gorgeous Mexican Fan.

  • Height- 12".
  • Wide- 14 1/2 (measured from straw tip to tip.
  • Wood handle- 7" x 4 1/2.

  • Becal is a small village in Campeche, which is a village that makes these gorgeous fans.

  • All the weaving has to be done in underground caves, since they provide the perfect humidity for the flexibility of the fibers.
  • This 100% bio-degradable and eco-friendly fan is handmade by skilled Mexican artisans using JipiJapa fiber. G'noo Xombe Nisin is what it's called in the mother tongue, Mazatec.

  • All pieces are hand-made using local raw materials, please take into consideration that there might be slight changes in the color of the wood or fiber. Every piece is unique!

  • What a lovely piece of Mexican folk art to have. You can use it as a display piece or as a wonderful gift for someone special.

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