Why we go to Mexico for Art.

Why we go to Mexico for Art.


Many people have read the State Department notices or the horrifying stories about the drug cartels of Mexico and express their concern for us when we travel to Mexico. But we have found it to be true that no one we've encountered has been overtly dangerous. We have no fear in flying into Mexico City, staying in Mexico City, walking 10,000+ steps/day, taking taxis, buses and the subway and then taking a bus to somewhere where folk art is made, to visit artisans, and explore one of the most interesting countries in the world.

We have stayed in Guadalajara, Morelia, Oaxaca, Merida, Puebla, Tulum, Rosarito, etc and feel perfectly safe.  We are careful, just like in the United States--aware of the surroundings, knowledgeable about the locations we visit and we try not to do dumb things.

We continue to travel to Mexico to support and buy from the artisans who have seen a decline in the number of tourists and visitors over the last few years due to both the recession and the constant negative news about Mexico in the American press.  We find beauty, originality and the most wonderful people, wherever we travel in Mexico.  Recently, Laura traveled solo to Michoacan, to the Uruapan Artisan Fair held during Holy week.  She purchased a wide range of art from some of Mexico's finest Masters of their crafts.  The art will be showing up on the Wandering Gypsy website for you to purchase in the coming days.

Young and Old at Uruapan FeriaLadies of the Uruapan Feria March of the Towns 2018

Angelica Morales Angelica Morales and Laura of Wandering Gypsy

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