Wandering Gypsy has become POCHTECA!

Wandering Gypsy has become POCHTECA!

In 2012 we decided to start an on-line business, “Wandering Gypsy” to showcase the beautiful works of art made by exceptional artisans from many different regions of Mexico. We travel to Mexico to purchase beautiful art directly from world renowned artisans and to discover new artists.

To better reflect our lives and artistic goals, we have decided to change the store name to “POCHTECA”.

In pre-hispanic Mexico the Pochteca, (pronounced POH-SH-Tay-Ka) were professional, long distance, Aztec merchants who provided the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan and the other major Aztec city states with luxury and exotic items from faraway lands. We feel this name change reflects a more accurate aspect of our business by continuing to honor the legacy of the “Pochtecas”.

We are the modern day Pochteca. We will continue to bring the beautiful artistry of Mexico’s amazing artists to your doorsteps.

Our Stories:
My name is Bruce Johannessen. My wife, Laura Limon Johannessen, and I share the same appreciation and admiration for the many talented artists of Mexico. The appreciation of Latin American Art stems from the foundation of our families.

My father, Carl Johannessen, was a Professor of Geography who taught at the University of Oregon and traveled extensively through Mexico, Latin America and the Caribean. From the age of seven, I traveled with him through Mexico and was exposed to this beautiful country and its people.

Laura Johannessen:
My Grandfather Limon was a talented composer and musician in Mexico. During the Mexican Revolution, in order to protect his family from the deadly violence, he was granted asylum in the US. The family was very appreciative of the peace and opportunities in the US, all the children contributed to our country.

During WW2, all the 6 sons served in the military, my father Robert, was a U.S. Marine who fought in the Pacific, earning 2 Bronze Stars and a Silver Star. My Mother’s family comes from Sonora, Mexico. Grandfather Anaya was a businessman and a true gentleman.

Our family, the Limon Anaya’s, continues to contribute to this wonderful county.
My Mexican-American family heritage includes WW2 heroes, talented musicians, authors, law enforcement officers, teachers, professors and the groundbreaking modern dancer-choreographer Jose Limon.

We love what we do and look forward to traveling to meet new artists and visit our artist friends throughout Mexico.
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