Vintage Ken Edwards Ceramic Pottery, a new style

In the Mid 1950's a young American ceramicist, Ken Edwards, came to Mexico and along with his friend Jorge Wilmot, introduced high temperature firing to Mexican potters.  Most kilns in use at the time were brick structures with wood for fuel.  These kilns were not hot enough to vitrify the clay and had to be sealed or waterproofed with lead glazes, so they were not safe for food use.  High temperature firing in larger kilns did vitrify (turn to glass), permitted greater productivity and the creation of works that are lead free, microwave oven safe, freezer safe, opening up huge new markets for Mexican Ceramicists.

Ken Edwards and Jorge Wilmot created the El Palomar studio and groups of ceramic ware that is seen in all areas of the house, from the kitchen to dining room to living room.  We were able to visit and see the workshop.  Wandering Gypsy carries several vintage pieces from Ken Edwards and the El Palomar Studios.

El Palomar Ceramic Studio
El Palomar studio closeupEl Palomar Ceramic Studio Wide shotEl Palomar Ceramic Studio stock
Ken Edwards Rooster