Stunning Artistry from the Hernandez-Cano Family Workshop

The Hernandez Cano family workshop is one of the oldest in Michoacan, tracing
Taller Hernandez Cano workshop
their history to the beginning in 1815. Beginning in 2008 Mexican artisans began to heed the requirements for lead-free ceramics. Many artisans of the town gave up their craft, the Hernandez Cano family took the opportunity to create something new. They were fortunate to be granted a contract with Mexico’s Museum of Anthropology to rescue the ancient technique of painting in negative, which had all but disappeared. Painting in Negative is achieved by painting the design with a substance that resists taking the color. Thus when the color is applied, only the untreated areas receive it. As a result of their research into Aztec, Maya, and Tarascan designs, the family came up with their own recognizable and unique style, a style that has won them numerous state and national awards within Mexico.
Hernandez Cano Incised Vase

POCHTECA is pleased to work with many members of the extended Hernandez-Cano family and proudly promote their masterful artistry.
Salvador Hernandez Cano
German Hernández Villafuerte