Street Art that we have seen and Love

Large Alebrije Mexico CityUpside Down Head Mexico CityFrida Kahlo Blue House Cuyoacan MexicoCemetery Dia de los Muertos Mexico City mural Mexico cityMural II Mexico City

Street Art; the murals, paintings, stickers and graffiti that adorn our towns and cities, is fascinating a entrance and outlet for many creative urges.  In Mexico as in the US, Art springs out at unusual places and make life interesting.  We have seen much and here are some photos from our travels.  We wish we could give credit to the artists.

Street in Puebla MexicoWall Skeleton Puebla MexicoAlcove Rabbit? MountainAbuelita MexicoStreet Mural III MexicoStreet Mural IV MexicoStreet Mural V MexicoStreet Mural VI MexicoDoorways MexicoStreet Mural VII MexicoPinata Ornaments MexicoHead FlowersHistory of MexicoHistory of Language MexicoStreet Artist I Morelia MexicoStreet Artist II Morelia MexicoStreet Artist III Morelia MexicoGraffiti Morelia Mexico Uruapan MexicoCow in Trailer Zacatecas MexicoCoronel Zacatecas MexicoMoon Zacatecas MexicoStreet Zacatecas MexicoStreet Sticker Zacatecas MexicoClouds Zacatecas MexicoRural Parade Zacatecas MexicoRestaurant Wall Tlaquepaque MexicoUmbrellas Tlaquepaque MexicoStreet Sticker Tlaquepaque MexicoSunlight Clouds Tlaquepaque MexicoTlaquepaque MexicoMural Tlaquepaque MexicoGallery Tlaquepaque MexicoStreet Cobbles Tlaquepaque MexicoBlack Charro Tlaquepaque Mexico