New Lupita Dolls Arrive at Pochteca Gallery

We have received many of these beautiful Lupita Dolls.  Hand crafted by the highly skilled artists at NAJACO, these Premium Lupita Dolls are fantastic examples of town life in rural Mexico.  Men & women occupied in traditional jobs & activities.  We are proud to work with NAJACO to bring these amazing pieces to you.

NAJACO is a family business in Tonala, Mexico.  The Arana family has been creating these stunning figurines for 25 years and adding to the list of job titles as time goes by.  There is such individuality to the dolls, such an infinite variety, that it is easy to need more and more as we get to know Mexican Life. 

The NAJACO Lupita Doll makes a great remembrance, gift and reward.  We will continue to feature the new variety as well as the familiar as time goes on.