Lupita Doll with a Basket of Fresh Vegetables

Lupita Dolls show the importance of Agriculture in Mexico.

Lupita doll with Fresh VegetablesLupita Doll with Basket of ChickensLupita Doll with Basket of Apples

In Mexico, about 5,000 years ago, people began planting and growing food crops. As a stable food source developed, civilization grew and flourished. Agriculture was the basis of the major Pre-Hispanic Mexican civilizations such as the Olmecs, Mayas and Aztecs, the principal crops were corn, beans, squash, chili peppers and tomatoes. The tradition of planting corn, beans and squash together allows the beans to replace the nitrogen that corn depletes from the soil. The three crops together are sometimes referred to as the Three Sisters.

Today Mexico is a major exporter of sugar, coffee, fruits and vegetables. The Lupita Dolls, featuring, Fresh Fruit, Apples, Corn, Nopales, Chickens, Piglets and Chilies highlight the importance of Agriculture and farming to the Rural and National economy.

Lupita Doll Sitting with Basket of NopalesLupita doll with Piglet in a Basket

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