Luis Cortez, Masterful Ceramics

Luis Cortez Barro Bunido and POCHTECA
Luis Cortez, Master Ceramicist and recipient of the National Grand Prize in Ceramics for 2013 has had a long road to acknowledgement. Luis arrived in Tlaquepaque in 1980, the first in his family to work in Clay. Luis was accepted as an apprentice with Salvador Vazquez Carmona, the acknowledged master of the technique “Barro Brunido”, “Burnished Clay”. After 7 years of intense study and practice, Luis developed his unique style of “Barro Brunido”, opened his own workshop successfully. After 30 years Luis has been working with clay for at least half his life, and has become a true Master of the Burnished Clay technique with his Pottery. The elegance found in the shapes of his Pottery designs originates from his creative imagination. Whenever you ask him about where he gets his inspiration, he simply replies: “I get to feel the shapes while I’m working with the clay”.

His pieces are color-filled, the precision and symmetry in his strokes is simply magnificent to behold. Being daring and audacious by integrating non-traditional designs and colors in his works, is something that has made his pieces unique.
Luis Cortez Fish Jar Vase Blue