Juan Aurelio: his Moments exhibition

Wandering Gypsy visited The Moments exhibition of artist Juan Aurelio in the Historical Museum of the Judicial Branch of the State, Michoacan.
The exhibition includes works of painting and sculpture, about eight different series of works eg. Estuco, Cartogenesis, Migration and Doors and Windows.
"Migrantes" is composed of paintings made with sand from the Mixteco River to create an analogy about human movements. "We do not know where this sand comes from, we do not know its origin and therefore the sand and stones are already migrants, they lost their origin.".
About the Cartogenesis series, the sculptor born in Mexico City and now based in Oaxaca stressed that throughout his career has been dedicated to explore the relationship that men have with trees throughout their life and even after death , But he has never worked with a live tree since he considers this action to be "a crime".
Nochixtlán was like a coup, "There were paramilitary groups firing right and left; There were six dead. That was a lie and I consider that the commitment of an artist is to show what happens in their environment, "said Juan Aurelio in a broken voice, referring to the two works of the exhibition that are inspired by the massacre of Nochixtlán in Oaxaca. "If I hit you, you're going to react. As artists we also react."