Hilario Hernandez Sanchez and his Hearts

Metepec, the town, is a suburb of Toluca, state capital of the State of Mexico, just west of Mexico City.  There has been a community here for more than a thousand years and since the beginning Metepec has been a center of Ceramic production both utilitarian and decorative.  Metepec is famous for Tree of Life and local workshops still produce this brightly painted pottery artifact. The album cover of the Beatles' 1967 record Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band features a Metepec Tree of Life.

Among the talented clay artists is Award winning Ceramist Hilario Hernandez Sanchez.  Playing and working with clay since he was a child, Hilario learned pottery from his father, grandfather (who is 99 years) and grandmother, who unfortunately has passed.

He explained, "I learned from my father first playing and then making my first pieces, I try to make my work very special, unique and with a style of own finesse, trying to preserve my culture and traditions, we are together with my brothers the Sixth generation that works with clay.  I still remember my first pieces that I used as toys and now that some pieces are in museums, galleries and embassies, I work to continually improve my art."

Hilario Hernandez Sanchez - HeartHilario Hernandez Sanchez - Muneca