Hermes Diaz Serrano, Painter

Hermes Diaz Serrano, Painter

Hermes Diaz Serrano and POCHTECA

Hermes Diaz Serrano has always painted. His parents both accomplished artists, loved painting and Hermes showed early aptitude. His development as an artist continued through school and University, receiving an Bachelor of Visual Arts from University of Guadalajara and continued studies at the Hospicio Cabanas, a former Hospital now a large Museum and Arts Complex.

Hermes Diaz Painting Clown Wheel
Hermes Diaz Rabbit on Wheel

Hermes has created his vision and lays it out with joy, animals, people, sometimes a touch of the surreal, but always with feeling. His greatest satisfaction in creating his art is the passion he feels in expressing his emotions and being able to share it with people. In his work you can see animals with party or circus elements, as if they evoke characters from stories. Eyes with suggestive looks, faces. Others with painted phrases. Putting a surreal touch on some of them. He has exhibited around Mexico and his works are now spread around the world. One thing he has learned, Always create; Expand your imagination and Explore the feeling of painting.

Hermes Diaz swinging RabbitHermes Diaz Rabbit Elephant WheelHermes Diaz Horse Wheel
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