Fernando Solis and Taller Solis, the Solis Family Workshop - 1850

Fernando Solis and Taller Solis, the Solis Family Workshop - 1850

Fernando Solis and Vase

Fernando Solis is a family leader in The Solis Family Workshop in Zinapecuaro, Michoacan, Mexico; a workshop that has been working in clay since 1850, many generations ago.  At the beginning, the family made household items: dishes, pots cooking and storing food, jars for storing food and kitchen utensils.  These items kept them busy for many years.

In the 1950’s Fernando’s Father father began to be part of the workshop, he grew up there, practicing and learning, making the items that the family had always made, but he was young and a father, he realized that in order to grow they had to branch out and create more artistic items. After study and experimenting with new ideas based on pre-Hispanic heritage, they began developing an artistic identity, using old motifs and designs but giving them a new twist.
Orange Vase Solis
Fernando explains; “I am the third child and since I was little I started this beautiful job. I am 35 years old and since I was 5 years old I have helped my parents when I came home from school. 20 years ago when we began to improve even more, decorating and giving more shape to the pieces, discovering new techniques and taking our crafts to another level, together with my parents, my brothers and my wife we ​​do the best we can do, what we know how to do. My life is my family and my work, I put my heart in every piece I make because it is my legacy. From the grandparents of my father and the place that I will leave my children, this wonderful office has given me everything but more satisfaction, because the best job is the one you like to do and I love doing it.”

Solis Yellow Dots w Lid

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