César Alfredo Lucano Siordia polychromatic Barro Betus

Cesar Lucano Piggy Bank
Cesar is a fourth generation Ceramic Artist. His great-grandfather, Tomas Lucano and his grandfather, Librado Lucano were both master craftsmen in Petatillo clay a difficult and time consuming decorative technique where the background is covered with tight crosshatching that looks like a traditional woven palm frond sleeping mat. It is a style that is very difficult to master.
Cesar Lucano with POCHTECA at Lake Chapala

Cesar has been creating ceramic pieces for sale since he was 15, Cesar still works in the petatillo style however, he has evolved his craft to work in traditional methods with a touch of innovation, cold polychrome clay for the ease of experimenting with other materials and knowing the colorful and playful results,, mixing techniques, such as a puppet made of clay painted with acrylics or oils. He also uses the polychromatic (several colors) technique with beeswax or lacquer and adds designs using horsehair, bone His goal is to reach the younger generations and continue to preserve Mexican popular art.

Big Submarine by Cesar LucanoSmall orange Mask by Cesar Lucano