Artists of Tzintzuntzan

Artists of Tzintzuntzan

Tzintzuntzan panorama

Tzintzuntzan is one of many of the towns surrounding Lake Patzcuaro in the state of Michoacan, sustaining a living tradition as an artisan center: alfarería (pottery making), adornos de popote (straw decorations), wood, and hand-embroidered textiles.

Tzintzuntzan Market

Clay is abundant in the Michoacán hills and many artisans dedicate their lives to creating both utilitarian and artistic pots. Tzintzuntzan's traditional glaze colors and designs are unmistakable, glazed in white and dark brown. Designs include ordinary local sights: the burro carrying firewood, traditions village market activities and fish from Lake Pátzcuaro. Artisans like Miguel Molinero Huipe, Maria Guadalupe Rios, Manuel Morales, his sister Angelica Morales and Guadalupe Chichipan and her family have achieved world renown for artistic mastery of their ceramic art.

Angelica MoralesMiguel Molinero HuipeGuadalupe RiosManuel MoralesCarmen Chichipan and Laura

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