Apples! A Celebration by Lupita Dolls!

Apples! A Celebration by Lupita Dolls!

Lupita Doll with Basket of Apples

Mexico has a long and hidden history of Apple cultivation. Apples were introduced by the Spaniards soon after the conquest, but only for Spanish use as they were fermented into a hard cider and kept from indigenous people. This kept the fruit from becoming a widespread part of the colonial diet, but missionaries later did bring the tree north as they introduced agriculture to their converts.

Apples are not a major commercial crop in Mexico, but apple trees can be found in most of Mexico in yards or small orchards. There are several areas in the northern highlands that have cooler weather where the majority of the Mexican apple crop is grown. Most apples grown in Mexico are for Mexican consumption, either as whole apples or processed into juice or hard cider.

Lupita Dolls featuring Baskets of Apples highlight a portion of Mexican Agriculture that we rarely see and suggest a visit to the farms in Chihuahua, Durango and Puebla.

Lupita Doll with a stick of Candy Apples

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