Fernando Jimon Melchor, Master Potter

Master Potter Fernando Jimón Melchor is master of the Burnished and Flag (tri -Colored) clay techniques.  The Jimón family have been Potters in the Tonala area for six generations, the longest in the region.
IMG_6849Fernando Jimon Melchor
The hills near Tonala have significant deposits of clay with a special mix of silica that create White, Black & Red clay.  The clay is treated, worked, dried, sifted, mixed and aged before being worked into the beautiful shapes. The pieces are painted using natural pigments and once dried, they are burnished w stones and tallow to create an extremely smooth surface.

Fernando and his wife Maria Elena have consolidated concepts and techniques of traditional and contemporary work in their pieces. Fernando's amazing control of the brush is clearly shown in his decoration that goes from geometrical designs to traditional figurative scenes.  His work ranges in size from miniature to very large.  The artists' clarity of their visually expressed ideas, technical high quality and beauty is truly amazing.