X-Lg Ceramic/Pottery Fish Mexican Fine Folk Art Initialed Collectible Decor #1

$ 279.99
  • Wonderful Mexican Extra Large Fish

  • Height- 10"
  • Length- 22"
  • Wide- 6 1/4"
  • Base
  • Diameter- 13 1/2"
  • Tall- 3 1/2
  • Eduardo Martinez Hernandez is considered one of the greatest artisans of the district of Zinapecuaro, Mexico. Edwardo has won many awards from the Mexican government.
  • Edwardo has learned to make pottery while working along with his family since he was a child.
  • This extra large ceramic dish is amazing. Edwardo has hand incised, painted and hand burnished the fish. This amazing dish comes with a base. You can separate the base and use it as a bowl.
  • The inside of the bowl has beautiful burn areas. Edwardo adds small pieces of wood to the piece in order to get this beautiful effect.

  • His specialty is the production of burnished clay pieces.
  • His works are found in special collectors homes, galleries and museums.

  • Edwardo is also famous for how he mixes colors that result in a variety of realist pointillism nuances.
  • Pointillism can be described relatively simply – it’s an art movement named after a technique in which small dots of color are applied to canvas in order to form an image.and

  • Wonderful addition for any collector.

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