Wood Hanging Mask Folk Art Hand Crafted/Painted Décor Mexican Folk Art Signed

$ 149.99
  • Colorful Wood Mask From Mexico.

  • Measurements
  • Tall- 15" (Including horns)
  • Width- 16"
  • Deep- 7 1/2"
  • This colorful and hand made fantasy and colorful mask was made by Esteban Reyes from Ocumicho, Michoacan, Mexico.

  • His skill for hand carving raw wood is sought by collectors and can be found in museums, fine art galleries and collectors homes.
  • Estaban and his whole family contribute to making these wonderful and whimsical wood masks.

  • Estaban's masks are one of a kind, since other styles and colors are used for each mask.
  • The mask has a lizard, large ears and big horns.
  • The horns and the ears come off, you can glue them on the mask if you would like.
  • The colors are bright, with great designs!
  • The wood is rustic which makes the mask even more impressive.
  • This colorful mask can be hung in any part of your home, office or as gift for someone special.

  • This mask will be extremely well packed and insured.

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