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"Woman" New Original Painting Acrylic on Canvas Mexican Fine Art Signed

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  • "Woman"
  • Amazing and Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting from Mexico.
  • The painting itself is 9 3/4" x 7 1/2" in diameter.
  • The painting with the frame is 15" x 12 3/4".
  • Eloy Hernandez Perez studied painting and sculpture for 8 years in Bellas Artes in Morelia, Mexico. 
  • The painting is in the style of Modern Expressionistic.
  • Eloy painting show a Mexican woman in traditional dress.
  • The blouse is painted a bright red.
  • The pop of red brings all the contrasting shades of grey to stand out even more.
  • Eloy explains that by covering the eyes of the woman in the painting, he is representing all women.
  • According to Eloy, the eyes are the window to each person's soul, therefore, the woman in the painting can be any woman of the world. 
  • Eloy's painting is on canvas, mounted on Masonite.
  • He also framed the painting in a black frame. You can change the frame to your liking if you wish. 
  • The wonderful painting can be hung in any home, as a gift or office.

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