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Vntg Authentic Traditional Mexico/Guatemala Huipil/Blouse Hand Loomed Yell/Purp

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  • Authentic Huipil/Blouse from Mexico/Guatemala
  • Wide-32"
  • Height- 26 1/2"
  • Neck Opening: 5"
  • This gorgeous blouse was brought back by a professor and wife back in the 1960's/1970's. The top is in excellent condition due to the safe way it was stored.

  • This gorgeous huipil is hand loomed in beautiful multi colored threads.
  • The weaver has also embroidered designs with the same cotton threads.

  • A huipil of this quality can take many months to hand weave on back strap loom. The back strap loom is a small hand loom used to make one slim weave at a time.
  • In this case there are only 4 panels. The sides are open.

  • The huipil is a tunic-like garment made by stitching together anywhere from one to five pieces of cloth. The most common fiber is cotton, but there are those made from wool and silk as well

  • The fact that this garment is made using a back strap loom and is also made with a very fine weave of cotton results in the garment lasting for generations and the quality never fading.
  • The outcome of years of experience is this truly beautiful yet sturdy masterpiece of weaving.

  • Although the neck is small you can make it bigger.

  • This huipil can also be hung as an art piece or is perfect for the collector or the fashion conscious female. You can also make incredible cushions out of this lovely material.

  • No returns on clothing or cloth. Thank you for your understanding.

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