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Vnt Wood Olinala Plate Hand Incised Mexican Folk Art Hand Painted Or/Blue

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  • Beautiful Orange and Blue Vintage Wood Plate

  • Diameter- 8"

  • This stunning wood plate was made in the village of Temalacatzingo, located in the municipality of Olinalá.
  • A professor from the University of Oregon would travel through Mexico and South American finding and bringing home treasures during the 60's and 70's.

  • Olinalá lacquerware is divided into two types, depending on the decoration technique used, called rayado (scratched) and aplicado (apliqué). The latter is also sometimes called dorado (gilded) because of the past use of gold paint or gold leaf, which has made something of a comeback.[2] Rayado is the more complicated of the two.
  • The name comes from the use of an agave thorn or quill to etch designs. One coat is applied to the piece then dried completely.

  • A second coat is applied and while still wet, this layer is removed in places to reveal the first color and create abstract designs and figures such as animal and humans. Most pieces are two-toned: black and red or blue and white.
  • In large pieces, such as chests, abstract designs are combined with figurative, usually flowers and are highly symmetrical. Highly skilled artisans can create two-tone pieces that look like lace or repeat the process to have three or even more colors.

  • Wonderful for your home, office or as a gift for someone special.

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