Vintage Mexican Ceramic Vase/ Pottery Hand Made Signed Folk Art Tonala Mexico

$ 32.88
  • Beautiful Vintage Mexican Ceramic Vase From Tonala, Mexico
  • The height of the vase is 6 1/2" tall. 
  • The opening of the vase is 3 3/4".
  • It is 13" in circumference. (at it's widest)
  • This lovely vase was hand thrown, there is a dent on the lip of the vase. This only makes the vase more collectable!
  • On the front you see a lovely flower surrounded by leafs and other foliage.
  • The artist has painted a beautiful bird on the back.
  • The vase is hand painted.  The artist has also signed the vase.
  • CRAZING on pottery... it happens mostly with age, sometimes with temperature and humidity change (like if you move your pottery collection from Arizona to Maine.) Crazing also happens if the piece was used as a planter from water moisture damage, which is really to be expected in most pottery planters-- that's why they were made, to hold a plant. Crazing can also happen if the piece gets vibrated often (like from being in storage, or moved around a lot). The most common reason is plain old age though, just like us imperfect humans and our inevitable wrinkles, so most experienced collecting folks don't mind SOME crazing.

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