Vintage Ceramic Dove Mexico Hnd Painted/Made Folk Art Tourist Trade Solis

$ 21.99
  • This lovely vintage ceramic Dove was handmade in the Tonala area.
  • The dove is 5" tall.
  • It is about 4" wide (at it's widest).
  • The length of the dove is 6".
  • The artist has hand painted a wonderful orange flower on its back.
  • The flower is surrounded by other detailed painted plants.
  • After all these years, the colors are still bright and beautiful.
  • Wonderful addition to any duck/bird collector.

  • "Since the 1930's and the arrival of the great Highway that linked the Americas, Mexico Tourism grew by leaps and bounds. Border towns prospered by American's looking for a Foreign experience. Be it spending Holiday in a warm friendly environment or a quick day trip across the border.
    Among the Holiday seekers, there where two major stopping off points: the artist communities of Tlaquepaque and Tonala, located outside of Guadalajara. There, American Tourists could dine, sleep and shop all that Mexico had to offer. A Pottery Trade emerged solely based on the Tourist dollar. As the decades progressed and the roads got wider, Pottery centers in nearly every state became sought after by the Tourist and Collector. Artist Families grew and made their livelihood from it and it is these works/pieces that modern collectors seek today. Blanco, Martinez, Aguilar, Medrano, Lucano, Galvan, Ortis, Solis, Vaszquez and Wilmot to name but a few. Border towns more than succeeded, selling wares from all of Mexico".  article from Arte De la Vida

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