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Tastoan Ceramic Mask Master Ceramist Ubaldo Macías Bernabe

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  • Mexican Tastoan Ceramic Hanging Mask.
  • Height- 11 3/4"
  • Wide- 9"
  • Deep- 7"
  • This specific mask was made by the award-winning craftsman Ubaldo Macías of Tonalá, along with his two sons and his wife.
  • The mask is signed with Famma or Familia Macias.
  • This incredible and yet frighting ceramic mask is made in the Macias workshop.
  • The white shades you see in the photos are reflections from the light.
  • On July 25, the festival commemorates a battle between the indigenous warriors of the area and conquistadors.
  • The appearance of the Tastoanes, who represent indigenous warriors, conveys their ferocity through sharp teeth, large noses, and snakes, lizards, scorpions and spiders for decorations.
  • Legend says that the Toastanos believed that once the warriors died, they would come back as monsters in order to continue fighting the Spanish.
  • During the celebration, tastoanes and either three kings wearing ceramic masks or three Aztec priestesses (one representing the Tonaltec queen Tzapotzintli, also known as Tzuapili or Cihualpilli) walk along a parade route and dance to music carrying swords or whips, after which they make defiant speeches and engage in a mock battle (jugada) with a participant carrying a whip who represents St. James.
  • This is a unique and one of a kind a wonderful piece of Mexican folk art.
  • Gorgeous for your home, as a gift for someone special or in an office.
  • We will make sure that the mask is extremely well packed and is insured.

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