Petatillo Style Nagual Round Stoneware Platter Mexico Folk Art Handmade

$ 239.99
  • Stoneware Round Platter/Salad Bowl.

  • Measurements
  • Diameter- 11 1/4"
  • Height- 2 3/4"
  • This amazing hand painted platter was made by Teresa Duran Sandoval.
  • She lives and works in Tonala, Mexico.

  • This large, gorgeous platter is painted in the Petatillo Style.
  • Petatillo is the technique believed to be created by Balbino Lucano. Once the illustration is painted on the piece the empty space in the background is filled with tightly drawn lines or crosshatching. This adds a beautiful visual texture. This crosshatch is named after the straw mats they resemble - petats.
  • This very special platter shows a nagual/change shifter. In Mesoamerican folk religion, a nagual is a human being who has the power to shapeshift into a jaguar or other forms.
  • Along with flowers, plants and other lovely designs, the back ground is made of tiny crisscross lines.

  • Image the skill and patience must have as an artist to finish this type of work.
  • It is lead free and dishwasher safe.

  • We are pleased to bring the best of Mexican ceramics for you to enjoy.
  • Image this incredible piece of stoneware in your home, office or as a very special gift for someone.

  • We will make sure your bowl is extremely well packed and insured.

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