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Original Mexican Ceramic Red Rooster Betus Ortega Collectible Folk Art 18" #2

$ 139.99
  • Authentic Large and Amazing Ceramic Ortega "Betus" Red Rooster.
  • This Rooster is 18" tall and 9" in length. (From tail to beak)
  • The rooster is 5" wide.
  • The colors are red pink, blue, yellow and green. The feathers are yellow/blue.
  • These roosters are part of the wonderful collection of the Ortega family.
  • These fantasy "Betus" are visions from the mind and workshop of the Gerardo Ortega Lopez.  
  • Chicken, roosters, cats, dogs and other animals are at the workshop; as Mr. Ortega said,"They are our models".
  • The Ortega family has been working in barro betus for generations. Also called Cerámica Fantástica (Fantastic Ceramics) because of the bright colors used, barro betus gets its name from the oil bath it receives in aceite de betus (oil of betus - a resin extracted from the pine tree) before it is fired.

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