New Original Mexican Acrylic Fine Art Painting Signed Pedro Lopez Cortez Morelia

$ 116.99
  • Amazing and Original Painting from Mexico.
  • The painting itself is 12" x 8 1/2" in diameter.
  • Pedro Lopez Cortez studied painting and sculpture for 30 years in Bellas Artes in Morelia, Mexico. 
  • The painting is acrylic on paper. It is untitled and unframed. Pedro wants the buyer of this painting to let her/his imagination run wild. 
  • Pedro paintings are in the style of abstract, figurative, realism and surrealism. 
  • He taught painting in several private schools. 
  • He now concentrates only on his art after retiring. 
  • The wonderful painting can be hung in any home, as a gift or office.

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