New Necklace Mexican Sterling Silver .925 Amber Stone Fine Jewelry Hand Made

$ 124

  • Artist Designed Original Handcrafted Traditional Art Jewelry

  • Measurement
  • Length- 18"
  • Pendent only- 3" x 1" (Including Stone)

  • Made in Oaxaca.

  • This gorgeous necklace is an original design made by Flora Maria and is made with materials endorsed by the Quality Group CIJJ.
  • This necklace is a reflection of an ancestral tradition of nopale (cactus) and beautiful insects .

  • Flora Maria is a designer of distinction of the Silver Institute.

  • The necklace shows a cactus pad with a lovely insect on the pad.
  • Along with the cactus and insect, there is a teardrop shaped amber stone below it.
  • The clasp has two sterling silver leaves along with amber beads and a sterling silver tiny flower.

  • This very special necklace is hung on a sterling silver chain.

  • What an amazing gift for yourself or someone special.

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