New Ceramic/Pottery Madonna "Virgin of Solitude" Handmade Mexico Folk Art Oaxaca

$ 224.99

  • Gorgeous Madonna "Virgen de La Soledad"

  • Tall- 7"
  • Wide- 5 3/4"
  • Deep- 3"

  • Delfina Vasquez Cruz is a master ceramicist from Pueblo of Santa María Atzompa in Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • Angélica Delfina Vásquez Cruz has been recognized as a master of Oaxaca folk art through her pottery which often includes angels and local animals.

  • Her craft was taught to her by her father, who learned from his own father, and she has passed it down to her own daughter and granddaughter.
  • She works with local materials, constructed traditionally and then wood fired upon completion. She makes each piece uniquely and by hand.

  • She received the National Arts and Sciences Award in the "Arts and Traditions" category in March 2009. Her award was presented to her by Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico.

  • Angelica Delfina has made a very intricate "Madonna/Virgin of Solitude" The details are amazing and beautiful.

  • Filigree decoration is a detailed process which uses a sharp objects such as a needle or and other very sharp objects to add to the figurine.

  • First the design is formed by hand, then Angelica Delfina uses a desired pattern, drawing the desired pattern on the wet clay.

  • A sharp object, such as a needle or other sharp objects are used.
  • Then tiny pieces of clay are applied by hand to create the filigree effect.
  • Angelica Delfina takes weeks or months make the figurines like this Virgin/Madonna depending how big or small it is.

  • Wonderful for your home or as a gift for someone special. We will make sure it is extremely well packed and insured.

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