Ceramic/Clay Handmade Tree of Life Mexican Folk Art 5 Candle Holders Décor

$ 79.99
Gorgeous Adam and Eve Tree of Life.

Height- 17 1/2"
Wide- 12"
Thick- 4 1/2"

This lovely "Tree of Life" or "Arbol de La Vida" has Adam, Eve and even the snake in bright colors. There are leaves, doves and flowers decorating the tree.
The candelabra has 5 candle holders.

Among the ancient Mexicans, like the Mayas and the Aztecs, is the tree called Ceiba. It was considered a sacred tree. The Tree of Life depiction shows their ancestors converted into certain trees with fruits as a symbol of the possibility of living after death.
The tree has an inside crack. The crack has and has been glued to stop the crack.

This beautiful tree will look gorgeous in any home.
We will make sure it is extremely well packed and insured.

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