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New Authentic Handmade/Stitched Mexican Hand Loomed Huipil/Blouse/Top

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  • Authentic Huipil/Blouse from  Mexico
  • Width: 40" 
  • Length: 24
  • Neck Opening: 6" wide and 6 1/2" length  
  • This gorgeous huipil is hand loomed in beautiful blue, cream and red threads.
  • The entire piece is genuine hand woven and hand embroidered.
  • This huipil is different because it has hand embroidered thick beige cotton thread on shoulders and hemline.
  • It also has the same look and down the neck and front area.  
  • A huipil of this quality can take many months to hand weave on back strap loom. The back strap loom is a small hand loom used to make one slim weave at a time. The resulting fabrics, known as panels, are usually only 8"- 16" wide. 2-3 panels are joined together length ways to create the base of a huipil.
  • In this case there are only 2 panels.
  • The fact that this garment is made using a back strap loom and is also made with a very fine weave of cotton results in the garment lasting for generations and the quality never fading.
  • The outcome of years of experience is this truly beautiful yet sturdy masterpiece of weaving.
  • This huipil is  in the traditional manner in which the huipils are worn.
  • This huipil can also be hung as an art piece or is perfect for the collector or the fashion conscious female.

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