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Native American Gourd Master Artist/Craftsman Hawiyeh-Ehi Museum Quality Art #4

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  • Amazing Last Works of Native American Artist/Craftsman Hawiyeh-Ehi.
  •                                            "The Worm"
  • It is  9" diameter.
  • The gourd is 5" tall.
  • 28" in circumference.
  • Have you ever notice the natural response of a millipede creature (worm) to reflex coil into a circle when touched or disturbed? The Mimbres artisan brings this to mind graphically by the protrusions of the background design which surround and imprison the worm figure.

Mr. Hawiyeh-ehi is now over 80 years of age and is ill. These gourds are the last of his works.

  • Mr. Hawiyeh-ehi gourd art has been widely accepted in the United States, as well as in Europe and Australia.
  • He has exhibited at many top shows throughout his life time; The Red Earth Festival in Oklahoma City, the Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market in Phoenix, the Scottsdale, Az. Indian Artists of American Show and the Santa Fe Indian Market, Santa Fe, NM.
  • Critics have called his work, "Quality Indian art".
  • Mr Hawiyeh-ehi gourd art reflexes images from Woodland, Plains and Pueblo Indian cultures.
  • "Although some people look down their noses at gourds, I like to call them 'Mother Nature's Pottery', because gourds actually pre-date pottery as storage vessels and utensils.  Each gourd, born of the Earth's sacred substances, generated by Father Sun, nourished by Wind and Rain, is an original creation" says this native Oklahoman. 
  • Mr Hawiyeh-ehi now lives in Eugene, Or and is in very delicate health.

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