Mexican Wood Trinket Box Decorative Red

$ 59.99
  • Wonderful Wood Trinket Box from Mexico.
  • The box is 5 3/4" wide.
  • It is 3 3/4" tall.
  • It is 4 1/4" in depth.
  • Lacquer art handmade and hand painted trinket box by the Nahua Indians of Mexico.
  • To truly appreciate the work that goes into one of these pieces, you need to understand the process.
  • Step one; rocks are put under a fire pit and left until the rocks turn white.
  • Step two; rocks are finely crushed in a metate (a grounding stone
  • Step three; Since the crushed stone is completely white, color pigments are added to stone.
  • Step four; To begin the process of lacquer art, the women of Olinala spend several days each year extracting a delicious oil by toasting chia seeds, which are then ground down and squeezed through a linen cloth. A paste called chamatl is prepared by mixing chia oil with two ground minerals (red lead oxide and carbonate of magnesium). Some artisans add whole garlic because they believe it adds to the brilliance of the lacquer.
  • Step five; The chamtl is then smeared with the finger onto a gourd or wood surface (in this case the trinket box) and later dusted with calcium carbonate powder using a deer's tail brush. Immediately the piece is polished using a piece of smooth agate or small glass bottle. Once polished, a mixture is made of ground minerals and earth pigments and rubbed several times in order to form a consistent coating over the piece. The piece is left to dry and then another color is built up ontop of that and polished with a stiff cotton cloth to obtain brilliance.
  • The lacquer art for which the Village artists of Olinala have received International acclaim dates back several centuries and was strongly influenced by oriental art traded by the Spanish and carried in galleons to Acapulco.

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