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Mexican Hand Crafted Wooden Rustic Jaguar Mask Large

$ 84.99
  • Rustic Jaguar Wood Mask From Mexico.
  • Measurements:
  •  Length 14" 
  • Width 9" 
  • Depth 5 1/2"
  • Weight 4lbs 3oz
  • This wood mask is made to look like a Rustic Jaguar. The pallet of Black, Gold and Red makes this hand carved and painted mask pop. There are patterns carved into to mask to emulate the pattern of fur and whiskers. 
  • The mask was made by artisans Jose Antonio Mejia Ornelas and his sons in their workshop located near Passquaro, Mexico.
  • The mask is great for any collector's item.
  • Mexican mask-folk art refers to the making and use of masks for various traditional dances and ceremony in Mexico. 
  • Evidence of mask making in the country extends for thousands of years and was a well-established part of ritual life in Mexico when the Spanish arrived.  
  •  In the early colonial period, evangelists took advantage of native customs of dance and mask to teach the Catholic faith although later, colonial authorities tried to ban both unsuccessfully. 
  • After Independence, mask and dance traditions showed a cretinism and mask traditions have continued to evolve into new forms, depicting Mexico’s history and newer forms of popular culture such as lucha libre. 
  • Most traditional masks are made of wood, with others made from leather, wax, cardboard, paper mache and other materials. 
  • Common depictions in masks include Europeans (Spanish, French, hacienda owners, etc.), Afro-Mexicans old men and women, animals, and the fantastic/supernatural, especially demons/the Devil.
  • Although the devil masks represent evil, they are used to amuse and entertain the spectators.
  • Great for collectors of Mexican masks or for anyone that likes masks.

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