Mexican Gourd Hand Made/Painted Folk Art Mexico Removable Lid Decorative #1

$ 39.99 $ 51.99
  •  Whimsical Hand Painted Lacquered Gourd.
  • The gourd is 6 1/2" tall.
  • It is about 6" wide.
  • The circumference of the gourd is 16".
  • Mexican lacquer ware is the name given to gourds and wooden objects that have been coated for decoration purposes.
  • The lacquer ware process begins by smearing the object with vegetable or insect oil.
  • Next, it is covered with several coats of powdered soil rich in dolostone. (also known as “dolostone” (It is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of the mineral dolomite).  They are then left to dry and polished before decorated.
  • This technique was called laca (lacquer) or maque by the Spaniards because of its similarity with Chinese lacquer ware. 
  • In Michoacan, the wooden objects or gourds are smeared with the axe insect oil. It is made by boiling insect oil, grounding, filtering and finally drying the insect to extract its fat.

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