Mexican Ceramic Male Figurine Zenon Pajarito

$ 54.99
  • Authentic Handmade Ceramic Male Figurine Created By Ceramist Zenon Pajarito
  • Measurements:
  • Height: 9"
  • Length: 9"
  • Width: 4"
  • This signed one of a kind collectible masterpiece by Zenon Pajarito represents a man with the sun on his chest and on his back. He is wearing a headband and shorts with his arms spread wide.
  • Zenon Pajarito is a Mexican potter from Tonalá, Jalisco known for his canelo ware.
  • Pajarito has worked with clay most of his life. He works in the regional styles of bruñido and canelo, but is particularly renowned for the latter. He learned his craft from his father, Nicasio, who has exhibited his work at the Museo Nacional de la Cerámica in Tonalá and received various awards in both Mexico and abroad including the 2002 Galardón Presidencial of the Premio Nacional de la Cerámica in Tlaquepaque In 2001, he was named a “grand master” by the Fomento Cultural Banamex. Zenon continues producing platters, large covered jars called tibores, jugs, dispensers in the form of bulls and horses. The last are unique to the workshop.

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